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Aircon Rentals often receives requests to supply temporary air conditioning to a third party sites, where very little information about the location and venue is known. The Aircon Rentals administrative team will then make phone calls to discuss options with the onsite Manager, to resolve the problem at hand and provide air conditioning solutions with evaporative cooler rental or with refrigerated air conditioning solutions. Each type of air conditioning solution has different strengths so works better in different scenarios.

Access to the building, the ceiling types, size of the area to be cooled and number of staff located within the area, are just some of the questions asked by Aircon Rentals, to ascertain the number and type of air conditioning that may be suitable.

In one situation, the site provided several challenges:
• Due to the era the building was constructed, the ceilings were pressed metal.
• Opening windows within the building was not an option due to the security risk.
• A Hazardous Materials Register was presented, highlighting potential hazards.

The location of this building was approximately 5 hours drive from Sydney, NSW and the average temperature for the region was expected to be around 32 degrees C. Without suitable air conditioning being supplied to the location, there was a possibility that it could close due to the heat risk it posed for staff and customers. Fans that had already been supplied, were not a sufficient cooling option providing some, but not enough relief.

Our evaporative cooler rental solutions

Aircon Rentals consulted its diverse hire fleet and attended site with several of our hire fleet of Evaporative Coolers. Evaporative coolers cool air through the evaporation of water and require no exhaust ducting, making them the perfect solution for large open areas.

By strategically placing approximately six evaporative coolers throughout the available space, the venue was provided with sufficient cooling whilst repairs were carried out to their main air conditioning, which was repaired approximately 3 weeks later.

The venue remained open, staff remained at work and Aircon Rentals was able to successfully control the temperature for an extended period. Aircon Rentals: making the difference!

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