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Quiet 4.8kw Water Cooled Split System for Hire Saves the Meeting

The biggest complaint with an air conditioner for rental is that, by their very nature, they can be noisy.

This is really only a problem indoors for our smallest portable units, as our chillers and package units are ducted in from outdoors, meaning that they’re no noisier than existing building air conditioning.

However, with our mobile spot cooling fleet, the noisy part of the machine – the fans and the cooling capacitors are inside the room with the machine, which if the air which is being cooled is particularly hot and the air conditioning rental unit needs to work quiet hard to cool the room, can lead to it being very noisy.

Aircon Rentals received a call from a client who had a very important meeting with their C-Suite occurring later that day. The building air-conditioning had failed and they required an air conditioner for rental for their meeting. But it was very important that everyone be heard clearly, so they didn’t want to be competing with a noisy temporary aircon unit.

That’s where our fleet of 4.8kw water cooled split systems for hire come in. The larger part of the machine is placed inside the room and brings in cool air into the room. It is connected by hoses to the outdoor unit, which can be placed outdoors or away from the room being cooled, and with the door shut, leads to a much quieter environment inside the room.

It is perfect for boardrooms or meeting rooms where quiet is a necessity, but so is keeping it cool.

Take a look at our full range of mobile air conditioners for rental, including our 4.8kw water cooled split systems for hire, here and contact us today to see how we can solve your air-conditioning problems quickly, effectively, and if necessary, quietly.

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