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For Commercial & Industrial Hire

Heater Rental

When someone says Aircon Rentals, the first thing you think of is cooling during the heat, but it can be applied the opposite way- to heat during the cooler periods. That’s exactly what the Aircon Rentals team can assist you with. With a wide range of heaters available for hire 24/ 7, we are sure to have the right heater rental to suit your needs.

Our heaters available for rent range from small 2kw Micro-furnaces, perfect for heating the toes under an office desk or our popular 2kw Dyson portable heaters to warm up frozen workers in a room through to both electric and diesel heaters for warehouse / industrial spaces (note 3-phase power may be required for some). Diesel heater rentals are great for areas that need heating that don’t have mains power available to them. Read our article about how we provided industrial diesel jet heaters to keep a mushroom farm going here.

Reverse Cycle Units

Aircon Rentals also offers a wide selection of reverse cycle units that provide both heating and cooling options. Reverse cycling can work well in areas that experience a large amount of temperature fluctuations, such as a west facing office with large glass windows. It could be quite cold in the morning, but heat up a lot once the afternoon sun is directly on the glass.

These reverse cycle units are available in varying sizes ranging from a 3.5kw, 4.4kw or 4.5kw portable units These portable reverse cycle units can be installed within areas of high-traffic volume to provide some extra warmth and comfort for staff and customers. The units are compact so they don’t take up large areas of space, and are completely safe to touch on the outside, ensuring a safe work place for all staff and customers.

So don’t freeze this winter, take a look at our heater rental range today, and stay warm this coming winter.

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Aircon Rentals services the commercial and industrial sectors only and is not available for residential use.