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During the peak of the summer heat, a client came to us with request. A service centre was upgrading their building’s permanent air-conditioning system. While the system was being commissioned, temporary air conditioner units for rental would be required for safety and comfort of the staff and customers. Air-conditioning is an essential part of a business being able to operate in a safe manner, and Aircon Rentals is proud to be able to be part of making sure that everyone is cool and safe in their work place, regardless of the outside temperature.

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Initially, our trained team of installers installed a selection of our fleet of 4.5kw mobile spot coolers as per the client request. These machines are portable spot coolers and can be moved into place easily and effectively. They are also a very cost effective solution and this client had used them before on a different site to much satisfaction of all involved.  It was soon to be discovered that with unprecedented heat expected and an influx of customers coming through the door that the current solution needed to be beefed up considerably in order to continue to provide the cool relief from the harsh Australian summer that we’re known for.

As specialists in the temporary air-conditioning scene, and with our high focus on customer satisfaction, our engineering team came up with a plan to add more capacity to easily handle the heat (both from the weather and from the influx of customers into the storefront).

This revised plan had us installing a 40kw package unit just outside the building. This rental air conditioner machine took up less than a parking space in area, minimising the impact of on customer parking.

Two windows of the service centre were professionally removed, carefully stored away, and our supply and return ductwork was run into the structure.

Using a diffuser that was suspended a few meters into the building, the supply air was evenly distributed throughout the centre.

Our highly experienced and skilled engineering team had carefully planned the diffusers location to be hung in front of a permanent return air grill, allowing the buildings permanent fans, still in great working order, to distribute through the building with the existing system, thus creating a great solution for a cost effective price. The unit was easily operated with an on/off switch located on a wall inside the structure, with a pre-selected set point.

The client was extremely pleased with the end result and all customers who used the service centre were also very happy with the cool relief from the outside air. Once the planned upgrade was finished, the temporary aircon unit was removed easily and the windows restored as if they had never been removed.

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