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A common Dad saying is “Shut that door, I’m not heating the outdoors.”

And yet heating the outdoors, or at least big open spaces is sometimes exactly what some industries and what agriculture needs to do.

A mushroom farm reached out to us as an unusual cold snap was predicted to go through the area, meaning that a heavy frost was expected. Mushrooms like it a little cold, but don’t do well in a frost. As a mushroom farm, there were no power points nearby, (mushrooms like it dark) and regardless, the area was too big for our smaller portable 2kw Dyson office warmer heaters to be able to do much.

Fortunately, Aircon Rentals had just the right heater product available for hire.

diesel fan heater is perfect for heating up large industrial spaces. These rental diesel heaters provide an instant, effective and reliable source of heat and  can be put in exactly the right spot for the job.  On wheels and with their own fuel tank, it makes them the ideal heating appliance in situations such as these. Just be sure to top that 56L fuel tank up once a day, but otherwise it can be left to run and heat the space. All heaters should be in a clear area, with nothing touching the heater itself or within a 1 metre radius of the heater.

Have you got a large or unusual space to heat this winter?
Need a different solution for heating the outdoors?

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Diesel heaters for hire, perfect for outdoor use.