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Nothing funny about a sweaty audience

Want to know how Aircon Rentals has helped an organisation with its air conditioning rental needs with products from our wide range of air conditioning package units and generators to power the package units? Keep reading to find out.

December in Sydney is a well known time for celebrations, parties and nights out. It’s also known for its hot sweltering nights. So when a comedy club approached us to provide a bit of backup for their buildings air conditioning during the middle of the summer, we happily obliged. The competition among restaurants to secure business in their busiest period is fierce, and the comfort of the customer plays a huge part in where they choose to eat and drink. Too cold, or far more importantly, too hot, and they’ll choose another restaurant to spend their money. Not to mention, the safety and comfort of the staff of the restaurant.

Still, the Aircon Rentals team was up to the task. Supplying a 40kW package unit and a 28kVa generator to power it (As the theater was in an older building, the power supply existing in the building couldn’t handle the additional load of the temporary package unit, which our technicians had already determined) the technicians were able to install the package unit with record speed, accuracy and minimal disruption to the performers who were practicing their routines for the show that evening.

To get the cool air into the structure, we had some ductwork take off straight up from the unit to get height, then used flexible ductwork once on the roof. We then safely removed one wall mounted air conditioner, came through that penetration and into the main area. Once inside, we hung a 5 way diffuser to evenly distribute the air inside the room. A thermostat was provided for easy function and temperature setting, although it was pretty obvious it was going to be set as cold as possible.

The owner of the was very impressed and happy with the outcome, and enjoyed the cool comfort one of our temporary air-conditioning package units brought to the summer nights.

A temporary 40kW package unit and 28kVa generator on the roof of the building

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