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Aircon Rentals is a national business. To provide our customers with a full turn-key solution for their package unit, air conditioning and power generation hire needs, we go anywhere, Australia wide.

An auditorium in rural NSW needed some temporary air conditioning for an event in the middle of summer. Whilst pretty and full of history, this vintage building wasn’t fitted with permanent air-conditioning, having been built before air conditioning was invented.

Our skilled team of engineers took the expected attendance of the event, the size of the hall and the maximum temperatures likely to be expected over the period in question, and after some calculations, determined that the area would be sufficiently cooled with a package air conditioning unit.

With the amount of power a 200kw package unit can draw, this would have been too much power for the historical building to take and with our ability to provide a full turnkey solution, we were also able to provide a 150kVA generator to power the equipment.

As this event was expecting a large number of people, in order to best ensure the safety of everyone involved in the bump in and bump out process, we loaded our equipment onto a semi-trailer from our Smithfield NSW warehouse, in such a way that the equipment could be connected up whilst remaining on the trailer.

Our experienced in house truck driver was  able to  reverse the trailer alongside the building. This kept the equipment off the ground, and away from anyone who might wander through the area. Prevention is the best safety method of them all!

With the trailer parked next to the building, it was simplicity itself for a Glazier to remove the windows on the side of the building.

Our team were then able to install 3 jet diffusers in the space of the windows, allowing cool air to flow into the building over an unused mezzanine which overlooked the auditorium. The client was extremely happy with the outcome.

The removal was a quick and easy process, and with the equipment still on the trailer it was back on the road, making its way back to our warehouse and then onto another customer after a thorough testing and cleaning.

If you have an event coming up and you’re worried that the current air-conditioning solution could cause some rain on your parade, contact Aircon Rentals via our website or on 1800 626 996 and see how we can help you make one cool event!