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Help Cooling The Finishing Rollers In Production

All of Aircon Rentals jobs are a unique process with different buildings, fit outs and requirements for the job. But some jobs are even more unique that others and really showcase the breadth of Aircon Rentals knowledge and expertise particularly when it comes to our industrial portable air-conditioning fleet.

A client came to us with a unique problem. They had a manufacturing production line where they wanted to cool the finishing rollers in production, to ensure quality of finished product. But while they knew they needed to cool the finishing rollers, they were unsure how to go about doing so.

So they reached out to Aircon Rentals, and after speaking with the Aircon Rentals engineer, Aircon Rentals and the client were able to design rollers able to accept chilled water at 7 degrees Celsius which allowed the finished product to be manufactured at a consistent temperature. Aircon Rentals experienced engineering skills allows us to design and work with unique situations, rather than simply doing cookie cutter jobs.

As part of the design process involved in determining what industrial air conditioner would be required, the Aircon Rentals team determined the capacity of the industrial portable air conditioner which would be required. A 10kw industrial chiller was installed, commissioned by Aircon Rentals refrigerant mechanics. This chiller ran for a short period of time to determine the proof of concept.

The end result of the industrial portable air-conditioning testing was that the capacity redesign of rollers met and exceeded the client’s expectations. Based on the success, the client has installed a permanent industrial air-conditioning solution, based on Aircon Rentals design.

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So if you have a problem that needs heating or cooling and are unsure about how to proceed, contact the Aircon Rentals team on 1800 626 996 and see how we can help engineer a unique solution to your problems with our industrial portable air-conditioning fleet. Large or small, Aircon Rentals can help make the difference to your project.