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Storm Damage – Turbo dryers resolves water logged carpets

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What is a turbo dryer?

Turbo Dryers, (also known as carpet dryers), are small, portable machines which use turbo fans in order to blow cool air which dries up water from it’s surrounding area – including floorboards, carpets and other structures which have been damaged by water. Turbo dryers are the fastest way to dry out water logged carpets. By using cold air to dry the area, it reduces the chane of bacteria growth and smell -which grow best under warm humid conditions.

Example of Using Turbo Dryers to restore property

Sydney’s famous thunderstorms can often result in flash flooding, causing large amounts of property damage.

In the early hours one Wednesday morning, Aircon Rentals was contacted after a severe storm, followed by consistent, persistent, heavy rain, had caused damage to their premises. Our client reported extensive storm damage to their roof, which had allowed water pour in, leading to soaked carpets. As the client wanted to maintain “business as usual” and reduce the possibility of mildew setting in, Aircon Rentals was contacted for an immediate solution.

Thankfully, the Aircon Rentals team set to rectifying the problem instantly and dispatched multiple turbo dryers (also known as “carpet dryers“) to the clients premises. By the end of the day, the carpets were dry and damage had been kept to a minimum thanks to the super efficient turbo dryers. The office open on time the next day, ensuring continuous service and ultimate client satisfaction.

Aircon Rentals has a whole range of ventilation hire products, designed to help in emergency situations, along with our range of portable air conditioners and reverse cycle units

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