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An Aircon Rentals client was faced with a challenge -what do you do when you are faced with an incredibly small service station with no easily accessible windows or manholes and nowhere to duct out the exhaust air that requires air conditioning in the middle of summer? Ask Aircon Rentals to provide them with one of our portable air conditioners: 4.8kW portable water cooled split systems.

How It Works

Our 4.8kW portable water-cooled split system unit contains an indoor and an outdoor unit. These are connected via a set of hoses and a power lead. To install, the indoor unit was placed inside the service station in a position that wouldn’t inconvenience staff or customers. A set of hoses was then run  under a counter, behind a chest freezer and out the door to the outside unit.  The closing operator needed to wheel the small outdoor unit in of a night so the premises were secure overnight. The opening operator in the morning would then put it back out the next morning so the air conditioner could function. Not a bad trade for comfort on our harsh summer days. It’s not necessary to move the outdoor unit each day, if the unit is installed in a secure location such as a storage unit or behind secure fences.

The overall result was a success and the fact that it was a very small room also meant the unit had no troubles reaching and holding the set temperature that was agreed upon. It kept customers, staff, and the stock at a very comfortable temperature throughout the worst of the summer heat.

The client almost didn’t want to give the 4.8kW portable air conditioner back at  collection, and would really like one of these units for home!

The outside unit - 4.8kW portable - Air Conditioner Rentals - Aircon Rentals

The outside unit sits where it won’t blow hot air onto customers or stock.

Never to Never too small to cool | Aircon Rentals 4.8kW Water Split System
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