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The office thermostat can be a hot topic in many offices over the winter months as some desks can be quite colder than others,  depending on their position and office layout. A portable heater hire is an ideal solution to ensure that everyone is at their preferred temperature.

These 2kw micro furnaces are perfect for staff to be able to heat the underneath of their desks to the perfect temperature for their individual needs. It’s also a lot more efficient than heating the entire office, as it keeps the heat to where it’s required, rather than heating up the entire space.

These individual heaters have an external temperature sensor, ensuring that they get to, and stay at the correct temperature for the space. The rental heaters themselves remain cool to the touch while on, so they won’t burn staff members while under their desks.  The heaters are also fitted with an automatic cut-off, should the heater be knocked over whilst running. Every rental heater is tested and tagged before it goes out on hire and all machines are checked to ensure no faults are present with the machine before being installed.

Here’s one of our micro-furnace heaters, which was installed under a desk. This provided much needed relief to the desk owner who had been suffering from the cold as the temperature starts to drop. This is one of ten micro furnace heaters which had been brought to site and installed for the employees working in the office.

Aircon Rentals  also provide heating solutions for bigger office areas, for warehouses and for agriculture use. Aircon Rentals also has a wide range of reverse cycle equipment for when a consistent temperature is required.

A 2kw micro furnace heater installed under an office desk.

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So when your staff need to warm up over the winter, contact Aircon Rentals on 1800 626 996 or via our website and see how we can heat it up for you. Take a look at our heater range of products  for the product that best suits your needs