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A hospital needs many things to run smoothly

It needs doctors and nurses, medicines, beds, electrical equipment. And it also needs to be kept at a consistent comfortable temperature for the safety and comfort of workers, patients and guests.

A hospital came to us with a request for temporary water cooled chillers to take the burden while their existing chillers underwent necessary repairs to repair their capacity. The chillers were coping with the current winter temperatures, but weren’t able to perform to the level required when an Australian summer heats up.

Aircon Rentals performed a detailed site inspection with the client, with Aircon Rentals engineers and refrigerant mechanic looking in detail at the job requirements. Our highly trained and experienced team determined that this job would require a 700kw water cooled chiller as well as a 900kw water cooled chiller as it would be a large area that the temporary air would be needed in. Aircon Rentals determined that we would need to make custom pipework and switchboards. Like always, the equipment was prepared and thoroughly tested before it left our NSW warehouse, located in Smithfield.

Because the temporary water cooled chillers are 20 foot high cube containers, we needed a crane and traffic control to ensure minimal impact for the employees and guests.
After the equipment was in place, our experienced team worked tirelessly to get the hired chiller up and running as soon as possible. Our refrigerant mechanics go over every part of the job to ensure that the pipework meets the pressure test and that the water cooled chillers will work at their full capacity before we do the cut over.

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The client was very happy with how well the temporary water cooled chillers performed and particularly with how knowledgeably our staff are at their areas of expertise. Take a look at our full range of temporary water cooled chillers, and contact us today to see how we can help your aircon needs.

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