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For Commercial & Industrial Hire

If you are searching for a temporary solution for your industrial heating needs during the swell of winter, look no further. Aircon Rentals offers an extensive range of heaters for hire in Melbourne and Sydney. With a level of service and advice unmatched in the industry, Aircon Rentals provides a comprehensive service for all your industrial heater hire needs. The easy installation of our heater hires makes it ideal for a variety of applications and can easily cater to every commercial and industrial application.

Select from our range of fan, electric or gas heaters that have been combined with an on board electronic thermostat to maintain constant temperatures and effective heating, to receive the best heating performance available. Many products are cool to touch, our portable fan and electric heaters for hire are also compact and unobtrusive, providing you with highly functional heating in an office space.

Modular in design, our range of industrial fan forced heaters for hire can be mounted internally or externally. Selected units are ideal to heat large spaces or production lines. Whilst providing instant and efficient source of heating to various industrial, agriculture, commercial and construction sectors. You can also rent heaters from us that have been fitted with adjustable temperature controls.

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