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Outdoor events pose their own problems, particularly when it comes to marquee cooling. In an open outdoor space, the Australian sun is not particularly forgiving in the heat of the day so shade is required for your guests. And then overnight temperatures can drop quite dramatically, meaning additional heating is then required for the late night party.

Aircon Rentals are specialists in the aircon and heating rental area and we have decades of experience in the outdoor event sector.

Air conditioning (or heating) a marquee or pavilion requires a special touch. If the event is particularly fancy, such as a big corporate function, it is imperative that the aircon solution blend in as much as possible so that it doesn’t detract from the function.

Marquee cooling and heating solution

Our 7kw high wall splits are perfect for the job. Both the indoor and outdoor units are mounted to a frame, meaning that the installation is very straightforward. We lift the wall of the tent, place the indoor section of the unit inside, drop the wall back on the frame and then connect the unit up to a power source. Aircon Rentals can also provide the rental generators and switchboards required to power the units, creating a full turn key solution. Events are busy enough without adding extra contractors to supervise into the mix. Each 7kw hi wall split takes a single phase, 10-15 amp outlet on a separate circuit.

We have also installed these units for events with shell frame chalets. Again, we lift the wall and slot our unit inside, creating a very easy reverse cycle solution. We can also install split systems into event chalets that have internal walls built into their shells. These split systems then look exactly how a split system in a residential or office space would look.

The units come with remote controls and can be set to be automatic. This keeps the area at a set temperature from the early morning, through the afternoon sun and then again in to the small hours of the morning.

Aircon Rentals have provided these 7kw hi walls for all kinds of events. These events have ranged from small intimate gatherings to large corporate events, providing much need relief from the cold or heat.  In line with the Australian Department of Health, before any equipment goes to site, everything is cleaned and sanitized throughly. You can read more about our COVID-19 strategy on our website here.

Perfect for cooling or heating your marquee.

Need more cooling?

For events which need more cooling, we can also install rental package units and run fabric duct “socks” down the length of the marquee to provide cooling or heating throughout the marquee. You can read our article about a similar set up used to cool down a school drama room during the summer heat here.

So if you have an outdoor event that needs cooling or heating, contact Aircon Rentals today on 1800 626 996 or contact us via our website and see how we can help make the difference for your event today.

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