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Glycol Chiller rental for Winery in Rural Victoria

There’s no sour grapes involved when Aircon Rentals swoops in. A remote winery in the Yarra ranges was experiencing difficulty with their glycol chiller on site, with it occasionally not dropping the temperature down as far as they needed. Since the repairs would take some time to diagnose and repair the issue, a glycol chiller rental unit was required while their chiller was undergoing repairs.

Why the requirement for cooling?

Between harvesting grapes from the vines, and turning them into wine, grapes should be stored between 1 and 3 degree Celsius. Anything colder than this and you run the risk of causing freezer burns to the delicate fruit.  When the temperature reaches above this, the grapes may not be preserved, causing spoilage and loss of wine.

Making wine also has several parts during the process where decreasing or maintaining a temperature are important, such as keeping temperature during fermentation (a process which generates heat through the energy changes).

With the critical harvest of the grapes almost upon the winery, they couldn’t take the risk that the glycol chiller might breakdown completely, or under perform over the period. That is when they contacted us, looking to implement a redundancy solution in order to be able to handle it.

We transported and installed a 350kw generator and a 450kw chiller to ensure a negative supply temperature to the existing glycol system and tank.

Along with the generator, we also provided a bulk tank for the generator, to ensure minimal disruption for the generator. By using a bulk tank to fuel the generator, refuel trucks were able to come and refill less, which causes less disruption to the workers and peace of mind.

Glycol Chiller Rental for Winery in Rural Victoria | 350kw generator and connected bulk tank | Aircon Rentals

350kw generator and connected bulk tank

Glycol Chiller Rental | Temporary chillers for hire | Aircon Rentals

450kw chiller and chiller header pump

Why use a Glycol Chiller?

Glycol is a food grade anti-freeze, so a glycol chiller is typically used when consumable products are involved. A buffer tank, such as the one shown in the below picture, provides additional capacity to prevent excessive cycling, temperature fluctuations and otherwise helps ensure everything is as stable as it possibly could be. When it comes to food, stability is one of the most important functions for cooling. Alongside it’s fleet of glycol chillers, Aircon Rentals also has a fleet of water cooled chillers for hire, as well as air cooled chillers for hire. Each type of chiller has a particular function that it works best for and the Aircon Rentals team knows what equipment will work best for your needs.

Using an Aircon Rentals switchboard, we were able to redirect the power from the existing chiller to our chiller. We also supplied a 350kw generator, which provided power back to the original chiller, allowing for additional redundancy for the critical grape harvest.

Overall, our chiller performed above the clients expectations and helped to ensure a successful harvest and another delicious year of wine for the winery.

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If your food manufacturing site needs additional aircon, contact Aircon Rentals via our website or on 1800 626 996 and see how we can help ensure a bountiful harvest.

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