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When considering a generator rental, one of the biggest concerns clients often have can be accurately estimating the amount of fuel that will be used. Without fuel, the project stops and there are costly service fees to re-prime the equipment after it runs out of fuel.

Aircon Rentals is dedicated to ensuring that your project runs as smoothly as possible, removing thinking about refuelling your generator rental from your daily “to do list” by installing bulk fuel tanks.

Case Study

Aircon Rentals recently installed two 550kVa generators and two 3,000L bulk fuel tanks onto a job site for a client. The 550kva generators were providing power to temporary 350kw chillers, which in turn were providing essential services to a critical site.

It was known from the outset that, at absolutely no time, was the plant allowed to fail. Special mention was made of the generators and the timely fuel supply to the generators, as a failure due to non-supply could have been catastrophic.

Throughout the project, Aircon Rentals was able to accurately calculate the maximum fuel usage per hour that would be used, and set up a fuel delivery schedule to ensure that the bulk tanks never went below 25%. Since it was a secure site, the bulk tanks also helped reduce how often the refuellers would need to attend site.

In addition to this, Aircon Rentals was able to provide security and peace of mind by installing fuel sensors into the bulk tanks. These sensors send out email alerts to nominated email addresses when the tank reached 75%, 50% and 25% of the tanks capacity. As a result, everyone could relax knowing that the tank always had fuel in it, and that the generators would be running with no problems. In the unlikely situation that the generators did use more fuel than expected, thanks to the sensors, this would be caught in plenty of time for a refuel allowing peace of mind for all involved.

Generator Rental - Bulk Fuel Tanks | Aircon Rentals

When you need your generator rental to go smoothly with no complications, contact Aircon Rentals and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff today!”

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