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Hospitals form the cornerstone of our society. They provide continuous care 24 hour 7 days a week, and that was before a global pandemic. When a hospital base building’s Electrical or Mechanical system needs an upgrade or fails they must have a plan for redundancy. At Aircon Rentals, we specialise in critical environments, providing a range of cooling solutions including chiller hire and genset hire.

When a major Brisbane public hospital had upgrade works scheduled for their chilled water loop they turned to Aircon Rentals. We provided a turn key solution for the shutdown with chiller hire, temporary chilled water pumps and hoses, cam lock adapters, generator hire and package air conditioning unit.

Due to the location of the installation the hospital required all cables to be elevated. That is, 400m of SDI cable elevated above 3m. With an experienced team of installers, technicians and project managers the installation and commissioning was complete in 2, 8 hour, working days. In the case of an emergency, Aircon Rentals would be able to get the job completed in ample time to allow the hospital to continue their operations smoothly.

Additional Equipment required

Just before the shut-down started, our client realised that a critical UPS room would loose cooling. Aircon Rentals delivered a 24kw mobile package unit and generator to match. These mobile package units are ideal critical spaces (server rooms, comms room and ups rooms) for wheel in applications. Our generator hire comes with enough fuel for a 24 hour run time. If the generator needs to run for a longer period between refuelling, then we can provide a bulk tank to refuel into, minimising the need to have refuelling trucks on site.

Since it was a hospital, all rental equipment, including the gensets were required to be silenced in order to minimise the impact on staff and patients. Aircon Rentals install acoustic panels around the equipment minimising the sound emerging from the hire equipment.

Once delivered, the generator was offloaded outside and 3 phase cables ran back to the rental package unit.

Chiller Hospital rental | Genset hire

The shutdown was a success with all work being completed in time. We received a number of grateful clients who commented on the experience and professionalism of our Aircon Rentals staff. Having successfully completed this task, at Aircon Rentals we are confident that we can adapt to all our clients different needs or requirements.

For your Aircon Rental or Genset Hire needs, call us on 1800 626 996 or contact us today.

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