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The smallest members of society can be the most vulnerable to the heat waves of an Australian summer.   Thus, it is important to ensure that they have plenty of shade, lots of water and lots of air-conditioning to reduce the chances of heat stroke. It is extremely important to protect young children and toddlers from the heat. For this reason, we would recommend a childcare centre get an aircon hire if they do not have one already. This blog post will discuss a successful job where we provided a childcare centre with the perfect aircon hire.

During an extreme heatwave, Aircon Rentals was contacted by a childcare centre in rural NSW. Forecasted temperature predicted to exceed a scorching 45 degrees and their air conditioning was not operational. Consequently, the childcare centre could not operate without temporary air-conditioning being brought in. Without air conditioning, the risk of heat stroke for the children is too great for the childcare centre to remain open. Thus, this is where we came in.

Our Solution

Aircon Rentals always prioritises the more vulnerable when arranging work flow. An installer was quickly dispatched and successfully installed a 4.5kw aircon unit. Our 4.5kw mobile spot coolers are perfect for cooling down the small child care rooms. The 4.5kw aircon unit poses no risk to little fingers. As we have securely hidden away all moving parts. This makes the 4.5kw aircon unit a perfect solution. Within a few hours, we installed and operated the portable temporary air con units. As a result, providing much needed relief from cooling down the rooms and keeping everyone safe during the heat wave.

For our clients peace of mind, all Aircon Rentals installers have current Working with Children checks and current police checks, and are sensitive to the requirements of working in childcare centres.

Childcare Centre aircon hire | Aircon Rentals

Other Equipment

It’s not just portable air conditioning units that we can install into a childcare centre. We also have a fleet of rental refrigerators and freezers for keeping the important snacks and milk cold. We can also install chillers or package units to use existing ducting in the building.

Contact Us

Aircon Rentals have staff members on call 24/7. You do not need to suffer from an air conditioning emergency. You can count on Aircon Rentals to make the difference and provide a quick, efficient and friendly solution. Moreover, if you operate a childcare centre and require an aircon hire, do not hesitate to contact us today to rent a portable air conditioning unit or discuss your cooling needs.

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