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An Aircon Rentals 500kw temporary chiller had a very important hire one summer, in Victoria.

A wineries chiller had had a major leak within its evaporator tubes and would be out of service for the whole summer period. The parts for the repair had to come from overseas and there was a significant wait until their arrival.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time, as summer is a very busy time in the diary for a winery, as the stored grapes require a consistent temperature in their holding tanks. Aircon Rentals suggested the rental of a temporary 500kW chiller to take the load as soon as possible, continuing to cool their plant’s glycol system down within holding tanks jackets to -4 degrees.

The Solution

Within hours, the Aircon Rentals team had loaded their own interstate B-double with the equipment to get the job completed. Using a forklift on site, the team were able to offload the B-Double and position the 500kw chiller in exactly the right location.

Our electrician on staff worked with the local electrician to disconnect the power from the client’s chiller and, using temporary cables hired from Aircon Rentals, ran it to the temporary chiller.

Due to necessity the 500kw temporary chiller was located further away from the plant than the existing chiller. In order to connect to the winery’s tanks,  40m of temporary hose was installed and pumped the chiller with the use of Victaulic adapter fittings for supply and return.

Our team worked to ensure that the 500kw temporary chiller had been successfully commissioned, running several tests to ensure the liquid freeze low temperatures were confirmed and the correct flow rates had been achieved.

Remote Monitoring

Given that this piece of equipment was located in a rural location compared to that of our Aircon Rentals Melbourne branch in Kensington, the team installed remote monitoring of the equipment. During the entire hire period, technicians were able to log in remotely and ensure the efficient performance at negative temperature operations. Email and text alerts were also set up, in the event that there was a plant failure, so they could be notified before the client, providing complete piece of mind for all involved.

Business As Usual

Once the original chiller was running in a satisfactory manner, the Aircon Rentals team returned and disconnected our equipment. It was loaded onto our B-double with the use of our own 8 tonne forklift and within the space of a few hours, all temporary chillers and accessories were off site and headed back to the warehouse, ready for the next hire.

Contact us

So when you’re business is facing the prospect of some sour grapes, be sure to contact Aircon rentals, on 1800 626 996, and see how we can make the difference.

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