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Aircon Rentals isn’t just about air-conditioning, and clients aren’t always in a standard office tower or warehouse. Aircon Rentals has a wide range of products available for rent, plus portable generator hire equipment including a fleet ranging from 20kva to 1250kva.

Our Client’s Generator Hire Problem

A client contacted Aircon Rentals with an unusual request. They needed to rent a 1250kva generator, along with a 10,000L bulk tank, in order to power an extremely large container ship while their on-board generator was taken off line for critical maintenance. A generator must be isolated and switched off while being maintained, so it’s critical that a back up be brought in while it’s undergoing regular maintenance.

With an understanding of how busy the ports are, it was vital that the generator and bulk tank was delivered promptly to ensure that the task remained on schedule for the crane lift.

The 1250kva rental generator, measuring the size of a 20 foot shipping container and weighing over 9 tonnes, was able to be lifted by the onsite cargo crane onto the ship. Once in place, Aircon Rentals technicians were able to run cables though the ships belly (some 2.4kms) and connect it to the awaiting switchboard on deck to power the ship. At this point, the ships power was powered down and maintenance on the permanent generator could begin.

Routine maintenance such as this is vital, for the seamless continuation of travel, trade and safety of crew. A ship, at sea, without power, could have life-threatening consequences for its crew and in a loss of the shipment.

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Thanks to the team at Aircon Rentals the maintenance went smoothly and soon the ship was back on the seas, sailing to the next destination. Just like our clients here, you do not need to suffer without a portable generator hire.

If you require further assistance from us, please contact us as we can provide you with information that will cater to your company’s specific situation. Portable generator hire has their own unique requirements regarding size and accessories. Our staff aim to strive in challenges and throughout our experience we have assisted in providing effective results and resolving the issues handed to us.

Aircon Rentals, not just making the difference, but providing solutions!

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