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Aircon Rentals Product | Air Scrubber Hire with HEPA filters

Air Scrubbers – Where there’s fire, there’s smoke!

Aircon Rentals has a solution to assist in the clean-up of most disaster situations. The…
Urgent aircon rentals | Hiring Process - Air Conditioner Rental | 4.5kW Portable Air conditioner | Aircon Rentals
Portable Air Conditioner

Aircon Rentals never sleeps!

When equipment decides to breakdown, it frequently happens at the most inconvenient times of the…
Need Emergency Aircon on a Public Holiday? | Aircon Rentals
Portable Air Conditioner

Need emergency aircon on a public holiday? No problem!

Air conditioning failures and breakdowns never happen at a convenient time. As things go, it…
Fast Food Aircon Solution | Aircon Rentals | Contact Us Today
Portable Air Conditioner

Fast Food Aircon Solution

The Fast food industry is a highly competitive one, with alternatives and options on most…