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When equipment decides to breakdown, it frequently happens at the most inconvenient times of the day or night, and you could be left scratching your head on where to go for assistance. Well look no further, as Aircon Rentals can help with urgent air conditioning hire. With a team of efficient staff on stand-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Aircon Rentals can answer your call and provide experienced staff to supply your temporary air conditioning, refrigeration, flood restoration or power generation equipment.

Urgent Aircon Hire…

Aircon Rentals are often called after-hours to answer requests for portable air conditioning rental units to be supplied to server rooms, where the main air conditioning has stopped working and room temperatures have started to rise. With temperature sensitive equipment, urgent supply of equipment is often required, to facilitate and ensure seamless service for our clients.

The best solution in these circumstances is to install portable cooling units. These can be either a 4.5kw portable spot cooler or a 6.1kw portable spot cooling unit. Both units have standard drain tanks which require regular emptying however in server rooms, Aircon Rentals staff can add a condensate pump with drain hose to a nearby sink. If this option is not available, then a large sulo bin on wheels can be provided and water from the units is drained into it. This means the units can continue to run for longer periods, which is ideal for a weekend and public holiday periods, when staff area away from the office and unable to check on the portable air conditioning, which could be running 24hours per day. Take a look at our full range of temporary portable airconditioners here

NOTE: After-hours call-out fees will apply if orders are placed outside normal business hours, weekends or Public Holidays. Aircon Rentals is a B2B business only and does not supply to the residential market.

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