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Aircon Rentals has a solution to assist in the clean-up of most disaster situations. The extensive range of equipment, including air scrubber hire, has been designed to help you recover, should smells linger once the crisis has been averted.

One such situation occurred, days before an international event, as a fire broke out in one of the exhibition spaces. Whilst the fire was extinguished with minimal damage to property and no harm to personnel, a thick, pungent smoke smell lingered throughout the area. The client contacted Aircon Rentals who immediately sprung into action, with our team supplying multiple rental air scrubbers to site with charcoal filters installed. Charcoal filters are used to eliminate impurities in the air, as they rapidly absorb and trap unwanted smells. These are a single use, consumable item, and must be replaced once the filter is full in order to ensure maximum efficiency for the air scrubber.

What is an Air scrubber?

An Air scrubber is a portable filtration system. It draws in air from outside the unit and passes it through a series of filters to remove particles within the air, such as smoke, odours or mildew.

How long does it take air scrubbers to remove odours?

The period of time required can depend on how strong the odours are. In the above example,  the air scrubbers were being used to remove smoke odours caused by an electrical fire. The hire air-scrubbers were set up to run overnight, filtering the air in the small space. After several hours of running, the air scrubbers had filtered the air and completely removed the smoke smell. The event proceeded as planned, and guests were unaware of the drama that had occurred only days prior as all signs, including the otherwise lingering smell of smoke had been completely restored.

Aircon Rentals air scrubber hire can also be used to assist with removing bush fire smoke, or smoke created by back burning. Aircon Rentals assisted many businesses along the East-Coast of Australia during the 2020 bush fire season, installing air scrubbers into office buildings that had been affected by the smoke, allowing them to remain operational  in bushfire affected areas during Australia’s 2019 / 2020 bush fire season.

We were also able to help out with our air scrubbers on the West coast as well, deploying air scrubbers into various Perth businesses during the 2021 Perth Bush Fires.

What else can air scrubbers remove?

Air scrubbers can be also be used with an alternate HEPA filter media, which are used to remove the bigger, physical air particles. These filters are ideal to reduce dust particles and pollens in the air, and can also be used to help remove mouldy, musty or sewage smells from poorly ventilated areas. The HEPA filter media has an efficiency rating of 99.97% against 0.3-micron oily aerosol particles, resolving those smelly, dusty situations.

Aircon Rentals Product | Air Scrubber Hire with HEPA filters

Another example when air scrubber hire can assist with removing fumes. Polishing hardwood floors creates high levels of wood dust and can also produce dangerous fumes depending on the treatment used on the wood which is being polished off.

The question was recently asked:

“Can we use air scrubbers to remove the harmful particles caused by polishing wood floors in a poorly ventilated area?”

The answer was yes! Using HEPA filters, Aircon Rentals air scrubbers were crucial in assisting to remove both the wood dust particles and the toxic fumes that polishing the hardwood floors created.

Aircon Rentals Product | Air Scrubber Hire with HEPA filters

This is a job that needs to be undertaken in a well ventilated area, however the room was enclosed by glass windows which were unable to be opened, making it poorly ventilated.  Fortunately, the team at Aircon rentals is highly experienced with this equipment and used flexible ducting on one of the hire air scrubbers  to bring in outside air, providing suitable ventilation  to the working environment.

The other two rental air scrubbers were used to filter out the harmful fumes arising from the previous solvent treatment and the wood dust arising in the air.

This created a much safer working environment, not just for the team doing the polishing, but also for the employees who were still working in other parts of the building.

Aircon Rentals Product | Air Scrubber Hire with HEPA filters

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