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Fast Food Aircon Solution


fast food aircon solutionThe Fast food industry is a highly competitive one, with alternatives and options on most corners. A fast food chain that doesn’t have air-conditioning running during peak summer periods, will quickly find their customers looking at alternatives, regardless of the desirable food options on offer.

When a burger chain in Auburn, NSW, recently found their air-conditioners needed repairs and maintenance, the only solution was to hire temporary air conditioning units for both their kitchen and front of house areas. Contacting the Aircon Rentals team, provided the correct fast food aircon solution, who were fast to respond to their urgent request.

Aircon Rentals offer multiple portable options to such situations, however, in this instance, the Aircon Rentals team ultimately decided to install 4.5kw mobile spot coolers.

In this installation, one of the temporary aircon units was to be located in the restaurant near the access to playground equipment. The safe design of the equipment and effective installation, abated any fears the Manager had, about the potential risk of injury. These fast food aircon solution has moving parts securely hidden away, so just like in childcare centres, they are safe for curious minds with little fingers.

Within hours, the Aircon Rentals installer had the equipment positioned and the hot air being safely ducted into the ceiling space and away from the patrons. The Operations Manager of the restaurant was extremely grateful, as the forecast for the entire week was in excess of 30+ degrees.

Given the hot kitchen environment the units were working in, the Aircon Rentals technicians stopped regularly to clean the portable air conditioning filters, ensuring the machine was running at capacity. It was also a great opportunity to pick up a quick bite of morning tea!

If you need a fast food aircon solution for your restaurant, contact Aircon Rentals today and see how we can make the difference in your business.



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