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What is an AHU?

An Air Handling Unit (usually abbreviated to AHU) is a piece of equipment used to regulate and circulate cold or hot air from a chiller into a buildings HVAC system in order to maintain a consistent temperature. An AHU rental is often required during routine maintenance of a buildings existing AHU.

Case Study

A client needed to take existing dry coolers offline and relocate them within a multi -storey CBD building. The dry coolers served a supermarkets refrigeration storage so it was imperative that the capacity of the dry coolers remain in place during the relocation.

What were the limitations of the project?

The original dry coolers were located on level 8 of the building. The supermarket was located on the ground floor, which is where the dry coolers were being relocated to. The only available space for Aircon Rentals temporary rental equipment to be landed was in the basement loading dock.

To do this, Aircon Rentals staff had to take into consideration the space available for the equipment, the height of the vehicles delivering the equipment, and the air circulation available within the basement.

AHU hired as a dry coolerAircon Rentals isn’t one to back down from a challenge, so we converted 2 of our AHU rental units (a 150kw and a 200kw AHU) into dry coolers and reconnected to the existing condenser water loop through a plant room in the basement car park. After ensuring the truck delivering the equipment would be able to fit under the height restrictions of the basement, the next task was to  ensure the air circulation within the basement would be sufficient to handle the task of the AHU’s drawing in air in order to cool it and release the excess heat back into the basement.

There was a window of 2 hours in which our skilled team demonstrated the proof of concept as designed by our engineers. Our team installed the temporary hoses, cables and the specially designed control system to maintain the refrigeration at the correct condensing temperature.

After this success, Aircon Rentals then set up the equipment to take the refrigeration load of the dry coolers for 48 hours while the contractors relocated the existing dry coolers.

At the end of the project, the temporary equipment was decommissioned and removed from site.

All key stakeholders commented on the success of the project and on the professionalism of the Aircon Rentals staff involved in designing, installing and commissioning the unique project.

If you have an unusual project that needs cooling, contact Aircon Rentals on 1800 626 996 and see how we can help make your project succeed.

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