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For Commercial & Industrial Hire

Industrial and commercial fluid chiller hire is easy with Aircon Rentals. Our experienced team are specialists in operating industrial and commercial fluid chillers. Whether you need to hire a chiller for a short or long period of time, Aircon Rentals has the experience and the equipment to suit your requirement.

Chillers are crucial in manufacturing and industrial systems. They are responsible for keeping high volumes of water cool in any temperature. Often, keeping this liquid cool is extremely important for safety reasons, especially in manufacturing environments.

A situation may occur at your site when a chiller that has broken down,  a new unit has been delayed from the manufacturer or the chilled water system is under capacity. Whatever the reason, Aircon Rentals is able to provide assistance and resolve the situation.

Consider when renting a chiller

Here a few factors that you should consider when renting a chiller:
  1.  Duration of chiller hire
  2.  Capacity of hire chiller
  3.  Location and size of rental chiller
  4.  Power supply and cable route to the rental chiller
  5.  Water temperatures
Aircon Rentals has both water cooled and air cooled chillers available for hire for commercial and industrial use. Please see our Chiller products page for a selected range or alternatively you can call our free call number at 1800 626 996 to speak to a representative that can fully assess your needs and design a solution just for your application. our team are highly skilled so will be able to come up with the best solution that fits your needs. Every chiller job is different, with unique challenges, such as access or power and our team is here to help navigate those challenges.
Aircon Rentals prides itself on being able to provide a full turn key solution so from start to finish, we ensure the project goes smoothly.

Chiller accessories available for a commercial fluid chiller hire

Aircon Rentals has a full kit of accessories to match our extensive range of chillers available to hire. These chiller accessories include;
Contact us today on 1800 626 996, so we can assist with your chiller hire requirements.
Our full range of chillers can be found here.

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