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Located in remote North Queensland, a hospital required a temporary chiller rental. This was due to works being undertaken to carry out the refurbishment of the hospital’s existing chilled water plant.

Aircon Rentals’ 1302kw chiller is perfect for jobs such as these. The 1302kw chiller is permanently mounted onto a 13m trailer, along with the chilled water pump, switchboards and connection cables.

Why is the 1302kw on a trailer?

One of the most costly aspects of renting a temporary chiller is in the installation. The 1302kw chiller is not a small machine – weighing in at 12 tonnes and the size of a forty foot shipping container, if it wasn’t mounted on a trailer, the need for a crane to off load, position and then assist with the removal would be required, however with this combination, the requirements for a crane is non-existent. All temporary chillers need to be connected to water and power by a refrigerant mechanic and ss our 1302kw machine has a lot of the main connection points already connected, this becomes a much faster process overall lending itself to a more cost efficient set-up both for the Client and Hirer.

The installation

For the job in North QLD, the Aircon Rentals truck driver carefully backed the chiller trailer within 2 metres of the plant room door. It was then a straightforward installation and connection by the Aircon Rentals team. The Aircon Rentals refrigerant mechanic then commissioned the machine to ensure everything was running at 100%.

While the chiller was on and running, it was the prime source of chilled water for the hospital. The 1302kw chiller ran 24/7 to ensure optimised performance at all times.

temporary chiller rental

Aircon Rentals monitored the chiller remotely 24/7 during the hire period, in order to ensure continuity of optimisation of service. The client was extremely happy with the service provided by Aircon Rentals.

When you need a temporary chiller rental, for a small or large job, contact Aircon Rentals and see how we can help design the perfect solution for your requirements. Contact us via our website or call 1800 626 996 and see how we can help make the difference.

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