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For Commercial & Industrial Hire

When the need to hire temporary air conditioning presents, having some basic details available when you call will make the hiring process of temporary air conditioning equipment a smooth experience.

Information that we need to provide the aircon to best suit the job

What type of Ceilings?
  • Ceiling types vary in every building. View our web page to determine your ceiling type as the type of ceiling can change what equipment can be used in the room.
Approximate size of the area?
  • Knowing the size of the area (length x width) that needs to be cooled is helpful and how that area is configured – it could be open plan / individual offices / warehouse space / marquee. Each of these areas is unique and has a particular portable air-conditioner that will work best in the space.
Access to the area?
  • If there are stairs to access the property, it helps to know as our driver can ensure he has suitable lifting equipment to manoeuvre units up entrance steps. The majority of our portable air-conditioning equipment is on castors, so they can be easily pushed into place.
Safety Equipment on site?
  • All staff wear hi -vis with steel caps for all job sites. If long sleeves and pants, or other additional safety equipment, such as glasses, earplugs, hard hats or otherwise are required, please let us know at the time of the order.
Need Other Equipment?
  • If you have not previously hired our portable air-conditioning equipment, payment by credit card is the preferred option. Aircon Rentals accepts all major credit cards including AMEX. Surcharges for the use of a credit card do apply and will be advised at time of Hire.
Commercial or Industry?
  • Aircon Rentals is a B2B company and does not service the residential market at this time. We have a range of products that will suit commercial, event, industrial or agricultural use. Some equipment will be better suited depending on the application so please advise staff when discussing the order.
How does the air-conditioning hire process work?

First, get in contact with Aircon Rentals either by phone (1800 626 996), or via our website.

After consultation with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff and providing all your delivery address and payment details, the portable air-conditioning equipment will be scheduled for delivery with one of our Drivers. All Drivers hold WPCG and Working with Children accreditation. If a site induction is required, please advise when placing the order so we can ensure time is allocated for it.

Further information about hiring a chiller can be found in our blog article Considerations When Hiring a Chiller.

When our Aircon Rentals installers arrive on site, they will discuss where equipment is to be placed and install as required, ensuring correct OH&S procedures are adhered to. For more information regarding the procedures for cleaning the equipment due to Covid-19, please take a look at our update. 

Equipment will remain on Hire and on Site until such time that you contact the Aircon Rentals office to arrange off hire and removal.  Weekly invoicing charges will occur whilst equipment remains on site.  Full Terms and Conditions of Hire can be found here.

If you have any questions about the hiring process, contact the Aircon Rentals team today – Freecall 1800 626 996 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to answer any questions and start the process of hiring air conditioning for your needs.