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A chicken producer located in rural Victoria got in contact with us. Their main chiller required some down time in order to undergo routine maintenance. Due to the nature of the business, it was imperative that the buildings continue to be chilled at a constant temperature, even during the maintenance, or large amounts of frozen stock would be lost. But as a matter of safety, a chiller must be isolated before it can be maintained.

Aircon Rentals to the rescue

That’s where Aircon Rentals comes in. Rather than having a redundant back up chiller (which is a costly piece of equipment), Aircon Rentals provides a temporary air conditioner for hire such as a 500kW chiller to handle the load while the main chiller undergoes it’s important maintenance.

Air Conditioner Rentals - Aircon Rentals | Temporary Chiller Hire | Electrical connections to existing chiller | 500kW Chiller Hire  Routine maintenance is extremely important. Without the scheduled maintenance, the likelihood of an unexpected failure increases, which can result in spoiled product.

The Aircon Rentals team was quickly mobilised and we sprung into action. Firstly, our experienced team inspected the site. Wherever possible, Aircon Rentals will do a full site inspection first. This allows us to find anything that could potentially go wrong before hand and come up with an action plan for it. Prevention is always better. Once we had determined the size of the temporary aircon equipment needed and how it would be installed, it was time to bring the equipment onto site.

All of our rental chillers are framed so they are easily forklifted or craned into position. Which was lucky in this case because in order to use the existing air handling systems that were in place, our rental chiller had to be craned up and over the building to be positioned correctly.

Once it had been positioned in the correct place, our highly skilled team were quick to connect up the chilled water pump and hoses and get the chiller up and functioning as soon as possible.

Air Conditioner Rentals - Aircon Rentals

Within a short period of time, our 500kW temporary chiller was up and running and the air flow was switched from the main chiller, to our temporary chiller. The job was a complete success resulting in a very happy client.

Once the maintenance was completed, the air handling was switched back to the main chiller and the 500kW chiller hire was isolated and disconnected, ready to make the trip back to the Kensington Victoria branch where it would be cleaned, tested and read to send out again on a new hire.

If you need a temporary solution while your building is undergoing maintenance, contact the Aircon Rentals team today on 1800 626 996 and see how we can make it easier for you.

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