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Portable air conditioner rental options at the Newcastle Exhibition Centre

After a site inspection Aircon Rentals proposed the use of a 600kW Chiller accompanied by a 600kW Air Handler to provide cool air into the structure. The use of a 550kVa Generator and 400amp Switchboard was also required to power this selection of equipment along with a 3,000L bulk tank to avoid needing to refuel during the event itself.

These units were located in a parking area just outside the structure and was sanctioned off from the public. With the chiller and air handler providing cool air, the next step was how we were to distribute through the building. Coming off the air handler was flexible ductwork that ran into the building. Once inside perforated bag runs were suspended along the middle of the structure above the vendors, which provided an even distribution of air to all areas.

The event lasted 4 days and was monitored at all times by an onsite technician, ready to respond instantly to any changes required or problems arising. With the air conditioning being started prior to opening, it was able to get a head start on cooling down the room and maintaining a desired temperature all day. The portable air conditioner rental was an overall success as the feedback from the event coordinators and expo vendors were nothing but positive.

Portable Air Conditioner Rental Options | Aircon Rentals

This 80kW chiller rental delivery we sent 30 metres of cabling as well as 30metres of 100mm camlock hose. Now all we had left to do is have our qualified refrigeration mechanic commission the 80kW rental chiller and the job was complete.

Keeping a working environment safe and comfortable is always essential and is what we do very well. Aircon Rentals have qualified and highly experienced staff in all states of Australia ready to provide equipment and solutions.

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