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Another week, another Aircon Rentals success story!

Recently Aircon Rentals was thrilled to “make the difference” for a hospital on Sydney’s north shore.

Our team understands the importance for hospitals to have equipment running at optimum performance. The ability to keep consistent temperatures for the safety of all parties including staff, patients, clients and even the equipment is paramount!

The brief was specific – the hospital needed a temporary solution to stabilise the heat that was emitted from the MRI equipment, whilst the machine air conditioning changeover was being carried out. After considering the clients requirements, our team prepared a 21kW Chiller for installation.

The project was a complete success, with all aspects of the pre-testing, delivery and installation going smoothly. Our team managed to overcome the challenge of getting the right pipe fittings rectified quickly. The whole install was up and running in just 4 hours, without any disruption to the client’s MRI equipment changeover. The chiller was set to maintain the client specified, 15-degree water temperature.

The client was extremely satisfied the result, including response and installation time.

“Thanks again for your services on this job, Aircon Rentals have really saved the day for our client, and we appreciate it! Please let David know how happy we are with the services provided, particularly the install teams proficiency and professionalism which was exemplary”.

If you are having an important event coming up, reach out to us for to supply your event with the perfect portable air conditioner hire. Aircon Rentals can provide air conditioning WHERE EVER and WHENEVER you require it! Trust the team and contact them today for your event rental needs.

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