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Playing an instrument is hard work solo, playing in tune and rhythm with a group is even harder. So when an event company came to us asking if we could supply air conditioning for an orchestra, Aircon Rentals was happy to assist. We cater to all types of clients and occasions. Additionally, we are more than happy to provide your event with the perfect portable air conditioner hire.

Now this isn’t your everyday area to supply conditioned air to, this stage just so happens to be over the water. For this event, a barge is set up to provide a staged area for the orchestra and other performers. Aircon Rentals always rises to a challenge and worked with their client to achieve the best result.

Two 24kW package units were supplied and craned across onto the barge to be placed in position. These units have swivel castor wheels for easy portability which was essential due to the numerous amounts of scaffolding supporting the stage. The units fit perfectly in a void that would later be covered up by a temporary wall. This meant the portable air conditioners were out of site, however easily accessible for site staff to operate to turn on and off or switch between the 2 modes. Attached to the unit was our flexible ductwork which had a 5-way diffuser at the end which was suspended in a corner to evenly disperse the cold air.

The 24kw package units set up was effective in providing comfort to the orchestra and performers alike, keeping all parties cool in a somewhat unusual environment.

The client was thrilled with the result, writing the following testimonial,

We are so pleased our first musical on the over-water stage was such a success – the most successful yet – and thank you for your role in bringing the events and production to life. It is a pleasure to work with you, and we appreciate your care and dedication”

24kw package unit | Event portable air conditioner

If you are having an important event coming up, reach out to us for to supply your event with the perfect portable air conditioner hire. Aircon Rentals can provide air conditioning WHERE EVER and WHENEVER you require it! Trust the team and contact them today for your event rental needs.

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