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45kw Chiller and Fan Coil Units

After an extensive hire of portable spot coolers for the summer period, a University Aircon Rentals were supplying temporary air to, came back to us asking for options to cool down their Science and Innovation Centre located at one of their campuses for the summer months. They currently have operational air conditioning, but wanted to ensure the comfort and well-being of staff and guests on those extreme summer days by having a higher capacity of cooling power.

With a few options in mind, Aircon Rentals provided a 45kW Chiller and 2 x 25kW Fan Coil units located on their second floor as that was the area most affected by those 35+ degree days. The portable cooler was to be located on the roof, and would supply chilled water down via 32mm and 25mm flexible hose over the roof and in through some louvered windows and into units which would in turn cool down the designated area. This option meant there was less of a unit footprint within the centre as it was a high traffic area involving children, teachers and staff.

The fan units were controlled as the clients wished, but as requested the rental chiller was programmed to operate via a pre-determined schedule that worked in conjunction with their operating hours.

This set up was an all-round success for all parties as it provided that extra bit of cooling power for those hot summer days and when the centre was at full capacity with visitors. After the first successful implementation of this equipment, it has since been a recurring annual request from the University.

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